La Carte du Dîner



Gillardeau oysters, nº2 (S) (G) 30 per piece
Gazpacho, vegetable brunoise (V) (G) 50
King crab, avocado, olive oil and lemon vinaigrette (S) (G) 135
Roasted veal salad, quail eggs, artichokes and truffle cream 110
Quinoa salad, roasted apples, avocado, fennel and cranberries (G) (V) 70
Chopped kale, red cabbage, roasted pumpkin and pistachio, orange dressing (G) (V) (N) 70
Burrata, tomato and pear salad, basil, balsamic glaze (G) (V) 95
Whole King crab leg, spicy mayonnaise, aioli and lime wedge (S) (G) 1 leg – 265
2 legs – 510
Yellowfin tuna ceviche with sesame, avocado, sweet onion vinaigrette 105
Seabass carpaccio, ginger dressing, avocado, fresh horseradish 85
Langoustine tartare, cucumber vinaigrette (G) 150
Pan-fried scallops, celeriac puree and grenobloise (S) 85
Gambas, garlic and coriander sauce (S) (G) 75
Fried calamari, scallions and spicy mayonnaise (S) 60
Home-made foie gras, caramelized onions, smoked duck, rocket salad (A) 105
Beef carpaccio tea marinated, green mango, avocado and soya dressing 85
Beef tartare du Chef 95
Honey glazed Wagyu short ribs, pomelos, spring onion and coriander 195
Burrata pizza with fresh black truffle (V) 140
Les coquillettes de mon enfance 90

CAVIAR, blinis and crème fraiche

Caviar de Sologne 15gr, from France 260
Caviar de Sologne 30gr, from France 475
Caviar de Sologne 50gr, from France 900
Beluga Caviar 30gr, from Iran 1800
Beluga Caviar 50gr, from Iran 2600


Roasted pumpkin, red pepper salsa, Parmesan (V) 90
Risotto with leeks and fresh truffle, pecorino, poached egg (V) (G) 135
Seared seabass, black quinoa, nage emulsion (G) 185
Grilled octopus with ratte potatoes and yuzu dressing (S) 130
Silver cod, grilled summer vegetables, tapioca and chorizo vinaigrette 140
Caramelized salmon, white asparagus, burnt lemon (A) 135
Chilean seabass en papillote, prawns, mussels, Bouillabaisse sauce (S) 220
Lobster linguini, zucchinis, basil pesto and rocket (S) (N) 180
Chicken supreme, pan fried foie gras, morels sauce (G) 165
3 Wagyu sliders, coleslaw, Comte cheese, taro root chips 135
John Stone Chateaubriand for 2 (G) 540


Grilled lamb chops, cashews, peanut oil, dried apricot, red curry dressing (N) 210
Jumbo prawns, home-made sweet chili sauce (G)(S) – 285 285
Whole baby chicken, chimichurri sauce (G) 155
Master Kobe tenderloin grade AA9+ 230g (G) 420
Rib-eye Charolais 330g (G) 210
John Stone tenderloin 230g (G) 260
John Stone Côte de boeuf 1kg (G) 490
Wagyu striploin grade 8 300g (G) 390
Choose your sauce for the beef:
Béarnaise, peppercorn sauce, home-made barbecue sauce, classic beef jus

Accompagnements (V)(G)

Steamed rice 35
Honey roasted carrots with 5 spices 45
Potato gratin 45
Home-made French fries 45
Sautéed mixed greens 45
Mash potato 45
Mixed leaves salad 35


Black summer truffle – 2gr 100
Seared foie gras – 30gr 60
Caviar de Sologne – 5gr 85

(V) suitable for Vegetarians

(N) Nuts

(S) Shellfish

(A) Alcohol

(G) Gluten-free

All our prices are in AED and subject to 10% municipality fees